Whitefish River Falls and Log Chute June 1901 - Derek Coleman

Early 1900s and a women's group from Little Current.Whitefish Falls & Log Chute Hugh Cummings Photo - Tim Gallagher
Wedding Day 1929; Jessie (Willis) & Ernie Spry owners of Stump & Spry Store- WILLIS Family Archives
Hiway 68 near Willisville turn looking towards the mountain that is now the INCO Quarry circa 1940 Hugh Cummings Photo- John & Sissy Nichols
Whitefish Falls & Deagles Power Plant Hugh Cummings photo - John & Sissy Nichols
The twin log cabins where Group of 7 artist A. J. Casson stayed at Stump & Sprys ( now River Lodge ) on the Whitefish River in Whitefish Falls.
Fireplace at Stump & Sprys.
Jessie Sry & Marion Stump
Stump & Sprys

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